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2013 Stats (2014 in progress)

We completed 90 sites - 80 homes and 10 nonprofit facilities


We had a total of 1004 volunteers who worked a total of 5,592 hours


Number of disabled served - 94


Average annual income - $22,026


Since our inception in 2003 we have completed 559 projects and served 1026 people.

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Home Repair Information


We offer free home repairs to Saratoga County homeowners who are elderly, disabled, low-income or a veteran. In 2010, Rebuilding Together and volunteers from the community assisted 75 homeowners and non-profits with needed repairs.


Our eligibility criteria:

- Applicant lives in Saratoga County, owns home and is owner-occupied

- Priority is given to those who have lived in the home for two years or more

- Household income is 200% of poverty or less

- Have no outstanding real estate taxes; mortgage (or lot payment) is paid and current

- Homeowner is unable to do the work themselves.

- Priority is given to the elderly and/or disabled or veterans


Rebuilding Together previews the houses, selects those appropriate for our program and carefully devises a scope of work for each house. A House Captain is assigned and a crew of volunteers works under the guidance of that House Captain from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Rebuilding Day.


All labor is volunteered, some are skilled trade’s people, skilled do-it-your-selfers and many are unskilled. Work that is done includes scraping, painting, electrical and plumbing repairs, carpentry work, weather stripping and landscaping. We are unable to perform roof repairs.  We do require that all able bodied homeowners and family members join in the work. If selected, homeowners are required to attend a homeowner orientation.


We will preview houses and continue to do so until we have our quota of 30-40 selected spring projects.  Projects will be selected by a preview committee in February. All applicants will be notified after that time. Please realize that we are unable to help all homeowners who apply. Projects are done throughout the year.


We require a third-party referral source be included in your application. This reference is someone who can be contacted in the event we are unable to reach the homeowner. Please do not submit your application without the name of a referral source. Incomplete applications will not be returned or considered. Please call with questions.