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Our Story

An affiliate of the national Rebuilding Together organization, Rebuilding Together Saratoga County was founded in 2003 by Michelle Larkin with the support of her husband, Dan; friends and family from the Saratoga community; and the National Rebuilding Together organization.

The Larkin family had traveled to other cities with their church youth group to work on the homes of people in need, and they kept asking themselves if there was a need for this type of service in Saratoga County. After determining there was a large need for home repair services for low-income homeowners in their own community, Michelle Larkin invited friends and relatives to an informational meeting at the New England-Presbyterian Church in Saratoga Springs. 35 people joined Michelle that night; all 35 committed to the mission of working with homeowners in need in Saratoga County by agreeing to serve on the Board of Directors or on a committee; and Rebuilding Together Saratoga County was born.

When qualified homeowners are not capable of making needed repairs, Rebuilding Together Saratoga County will coordinate the volunteers, contractors, tools and supplies necessary to fix the homes. These services are provided at no cost to the homeowner. Rebuilding Together Saratoga County also works to rehabilitate community spaces and properties that house qualifying nonprofit organizations serving our community. Services are focused on older adults, individuals living with disabilities, active and retired members of the armed services, and families with children and services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual homeowner.  


In the 19 years since its founding, Rebuilding Together Saratoga County has repaired 1,506 homes, revitalized 109 nonprofit centers and community spaces, and replaced 30 substandard manufactured homes with the help of more than 10,929 volunteers who have dedicated over 85,590 hours of their time, bringing hope and renewed pride to homeowners in need throughout Saratoga County.​

Meet Our Team

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