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March is Red Cross Month

Meet the Smiths.

They applied for help with home repairs and our volunteers greeted them with a Health and Safety visit to kick off those repairs. Each eligible homeowner that applies to Rebuilding Together Saratoga County receives a Health and safety visit to make sure that their home is up to date with basic safety equipment. When we visit a homeowner, we provide the homeowner with a home safety kit.

Each safety kit, generously donated by Adirondack Trust and Company, has smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, a night light, fire extinguisher, a file of life, basic first aid kit, and safety brochures from our local American Red Cross.

Our partners at the American Red Cross of Northeastern NY donate smoke detectors to us every few months so we can provide them to our clients and improve the safety of their homes. 

When asked what it means to receive these items, the Smith’s responded, “We weren’t expecting these things. We thought you would come in and install them, take some photos and leave. You did so much more. Thank you. It’s awesome. I’m so happy we have a fire extinguisher.”

We agree. We are so grateful to have partnerships with local organizations and businesses so we can provide these services to our homeowners and community.

If you are interested in receiving a Health and Safety visit, email Clarice at


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